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Yoga Classes in Letterkenny - Donegal Physio

The Gentle Flow Yoga is a vinyasa style class which links breath to movement.

This dynamic class, led by an experienced instructor, builds significant core strength, concentration and flexibility.  It is energizing and fun and appeals to anyone who appreciates a good stretch. This class is open to everyone, first-timers and experienced yogis alike.

No previous yoga experience needed for this class.

Due to the learning effect of yoga techniques, we only accept bookings for 5-week blocks. Our 5-week block begins on 3rd March at 6.15pm. Booking for the 3rd March class automatically books you for the 5 classes.

A 5 week block of classes is €50. The classes take place in our Letterkenny studio.

Please keep updated on the link below for future classes.

Contact Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre on 074 91 24424 or on the link below to book Yoga classes.

Email info@donegalphysio or call 074 91 24424 for any enquiries.

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