Vestibular Rehabilitation

Vestibular Rehabilitation at Donegal Physiotherapy

Vestibular rehabilitation is a specialised area of physiotherapy that consists of detailed vestibular assessments and comprehensive rehabilitation. Many different patient groups can benefit from vestibular rehab including elderly people who are at risk of falls, vertigo sufferers and someone suffering from concussion symptoms.

From your assessment, we can create a tailor-made rehab program focusing on correcting the vestibular-ocular reflex, balance impairments, gait impairments and dizziness/vertigo. This can be done through corrective techniques such as Epley’s and other manoeuvres along with specific exercises.

During the initial assessment, a thorough medical history and subjective assessment are completed to determine the possible causes of the vestibular dysfunctions and their impacts on your daily living. The next stage is a comprehensive assessment of objective measures and the effects that the vestibular dysfunction has had on the body. During the objective assessment, we will assess the effects on central balance centres, the peripheral balance systems, our reflexes and the body’s ability to overcome them.

After we have determined the cause of the vestibular dysfunction and its effects on the body, we will create an individualised rehab program aimed at correcting them.

Emer, one of our chartered physiotherapists completed a comprehensive vestibular rehabilitation course in London, on completion of the course and exams, she successfully received a Certificate of Achievement. The appointments, which include assessment and treatment, take 50-60 minutes.

Bookings can be made online or by calling 0749124424.