VALD ForceDecks

VALD ForceDecks

Introducing the VALD ForceDecks – a versatile objective measurement tool used here at Donegal Physiotherapy and Performance Centre. This dual plate system works by measuring ground reaction forces during various dynamic tasks to provide valuable insights into an individual’s movement and performance.

When a person performs a movement or activity on the ForceDecks platform (squat, static strength test, jump or balance exercises for example), a detailed representation of how forces change over time is provided, allowing for in-depth biomechanical analysis.

This data has been aiding our physiotherapists in developing personalised exercise programs that target specific areas of weakness or imbalance for our clients. The ForceDecks are regularly used to monitor progress, track improvements and make adjustments to treatment plans over time.

This equipment is especially useful in sports rehabilitation and has become a valuable addition to our ACL rehabilitation pathway. We use the ForceDecks data to monitor patients during the group-based class and on an individual basis. Many of our clients in the ACL rehab cohort will complete extensive testing and re-testing to allow for tracking of force production, reactivity and symmetry.

These values can be compared to that of the uninjured limb and also normative data for that individual’s demographics (age, gender and sport for example), helping to determine when an individual is physically ready to return to the activities that they enjoy, ultimately reducing the risk of re-injury.

The VALD ForceDecks offer valuable assistance not only in guiding injury rehabilitation but also in optimising athletic performance. Athlete profiling, which involves the systematic collection of data to assess an athlete’s physical and biomechanical characterises, strengths, weaknesses and performance capabilities is now offered here at Donegal Physiotherapy and Performance.

Establishing baseline measurements of movement capabilities, strength and power can serve as a cornerstone for tailoring targeted training strategies to get an athlete from where they currently are, towards a higher level of performance.

Booking for athlete profiling using forcedecks and dynamo strength testing can be done here.