Strength and Conditioning Classes

Strength and Conditioning Classes at Donegal Physiotherapy

Women’s Strength and Conditioning
Learn proper form & technique across a range of exercises and equipment helping you lose fat and tone up. Coached the whole way through from warm up to cool down and everything in-between. Classes capped at 12 people maximum.

Strength and Conditioning – Lunchtime Express
30 minute high intensity training session with big emphasis on technique. Perfect for getting a training session in during lunch. Shower facilities on site

Strength and Conditioning
Strength & Conditioning for men and women. Sessions cover fundamental movements of upper & lower body along with core and conditioning training. Classes regressed/progressed to meet individual needs and capped at 12 people.

Semi-Private Strength and Conditioning
Individualised programs in groups of 2-4 people. Excellent option for people completely new to exercise or with an injury history needing more coaching time.

Men’s Strength Camp
All fitness levels catered for in this progressive programme focusing on increasing upperbody, lowerbody & core strength with added post lifting conditioning to help reduce body fat. Every session designed & supervised by a professional strength and conditioning coach

Team Training
Youth & Adult team training. Off-season/Pre-season/In-season covering mobility & flexibility, specific warm ups, power, strength and conditioning. Sessions designed and coached by our experienced Strength & Performance Coaches Declan Gallagher & Paul Fisher.

Online Training
Want to get trained by our top class coaches but can’t make it in to our facility? We have the perfect solution- Online Training. We support you through the entire process via email, skype and messaging covering technique, exercise modifications due to injury or equipment limitations.

Declan Gallagher: Strength & Performance Coach – 087 135 6547

Paul Fisher: Strength & Performance Coach – 087 260 4459