Reflexology at Donegal Physio

Reflexology is a complimentary and holistic healing therapy that is successfully used in conjunction with other therapies, or as a wonderfully relaxing treatment on its own.

It is a hands-on, non-intrusive therapy where pressure is applied to specific areas mapped on the feet using special thumb and finger techniques. Immediate benefits can be felt after just one treatment: increased circulation, deep relaxation, tension release, increased energy – just to name a few; however the greatest effects will be felt after a course of treatments (min 5-6) as this time allows for hormone regulation, removal of toxins and waste from the body and re-balancing of the body’s systems.

Each client will receive a treatment plan tailored to their lifestyle needs and health goals. This is particularly effective for those seeking treatments for infertility as the timing of each session is key to ensure successful outcomes. Other conditions reflexology has proven to be highly effective in treating includes: Sleep problems; Pregnancy complaints; Palliative care; Depression/Anxiety; Increased performance/vitality; Circulatory problems; Pain management; Post-partum; Low immune system and stress.

Sessions last one hour at a rate of €45 per treatment.

Bookings can be made by calling 089 455 7265 or booking online here