Nutrition Services

nutrition services at Donegal Physiotherapy
Why are you not currently where you want to be with your health and fitness?
Is it because you don’t know how to get there smartly and effectively?
If so,  let us just say one thing. Nutrition can be responsible for 70-80% of physical adaptations a person can achieve if they are healthy and have an adequate exercise regimen.
Here at Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre, we understand how to move you from A to B. It all starts with you firstly understanding that you need to invest in yourself in order for change to occur.
The good news, is moving from A to B is SIMPLE when you now how.
This program will provide you with:
  • Knowledge & clarity to how we can achieve your goals through a 1-hour video call consultation
  • Consistent support through weekly contact & follow up  emails over the 10-week period
  • A unique traffic light system that is personalised to your training & lifestyle to make it easy for you to understand what you need to be eating at what time of day!
  • A scientific, evidence based 10-week food plan developed around the foods YOU enjoy.
  • AND a bonus nutrition guide & meal ideas!
In order to get you better results from your training regimen, for a discounted price of 349 EUR (reduced from 399 EUR), our 10-week Nutrition program aims to help develop your understanding of:
  • The TYPE of foods you need to be eating at specific TIMES of day
  • The TOTAL you need to eat to make sure you are satisfied and on track to hit your targets.
To apply for your chance to make a positive difference with your health & fitness, please fill out our application form HERE and email with the subject line “applied for Nutrition Donegal”.