Massage Therapy Letterkenny

Our massage therapy is provided by Sinead Boyce & Mariia Perevoznyk.

Sinead is trained in a variety of different massage therapies and techniques but in short, our massage therapy involves applying deep pressure on concentrated areas of tension and pain. Generally with muscle tension or an injury, there will be adhesions (areas of painful rigid tissue) in the muscle, ligament or tendon that cause pain and inflammation.

Sinead and Mariia have the necessary training and knowledge to get deeper into the muscle layers to break down these adhesions and restore normal muscle function as well as relieving pain. Saying that, we make sure the pressure applied is not overly uncomfortable as your comfort is important to us.

Mariia has previously worked as a massage therapist at Kharkiv University Clinic, which houses the Rehab Centre for athletes. She helped athletes in their recovery from training and injuries. Mariia also worked in an Art Physio rehab centre with people who lead a more sedentary lifestyle.

Bookings can be made by calling 074 91 24424 or by booking online at Massage Services.