ACL Rehabilitation Class

ACL Rehabilitation Class

This piece is to make all of you aware of our new service available for patients who have anterior cruciate ligament (ACL) injuries, confirmed injuries or those starting their rehabilitation journey post-operatively.

We are currently running our new Physiotherapy-led ACL-reconstruction rehabilitation class, and are seeing great progress with each patient. This is a small group-based class in our gym facility in Letterkenny. The ACL class takes place twice a week and is led by our chartered physiotherapists, with each patient given a selection of exercises to suit them individually.

Our physiotherapists also assess each patient periodically on a 1-1 basis while also allowing each patient to progress within each class if they are completing each movement with good quality and control. This regular review and monitoring is designed to help facilitate setting new goals within each phase of rehabilitation. We know that close monitoring and progression is key to ensure a safe and timely return to normal daily life, activities and sports.

We are using Vald Performance equipment to track progress through our ACL rehabilitation pathway. We use the DynaMo (handheld dynamometer) which gives peak force, time to peak force and rate of force development. Alongside this, we are using ForceDecks to track countermovement jumps and drop jumps. We also, use our new Output V2 sensor (a small device that straps onto an individual body part) we can objectively monitor movement. This ranges from knee flexion range of motion to countermovement and single leg drop jumps.

Additionally, as part of our rehabilitation pathway, we are utilising our unique Alter G anti-gravity treadmill where we can manipulate the percentage of body weight a patient is running at. The huge benefits here are;

  • Safety
  • Reconditioning before full return to running
  • Returning to activities our clients enjoy.

Any questions around this class can be directed to our main phone number (074) 912 4424 or by contacting us via email – . Our administrator Lucia, can take your call, pass on any information to our physiotherapy team who can guide and advise around 1-1 assessment prior to participation in our class.