Sinead Boyce – Massage Therapist

Sinead Boyce - Massage Therapist

Sinead has a passion for helping people, which prompted her to pursue a career in Sports massage therapy. After completing secondary education, she studied sport and nutrition and worked as a nutritional consultant for many years. Having an interest in sports injury, continuing her education and completing a qualification in Sports massage therapy was another way in which she could continue helping people recover from training and from injury.

She has extensive experience with a wide range of clients, treatments, and health concerns. She strongly believes that Sports Massage can assist with preventing injury. Sinead will do this by assessing the client to identify problem areas and treating the body in order to avoid injury and degeneration.

Sinead provides myofascial release techniques and Deep Tissue/ Sports therapy along with therapeutic treatments in order to improve the mobility of clients and increase the range of motion in joints. Not only does she work with sports-related issues Sinead will treat clients for back, neck and shoulder tension, a huge concern for those spending a lot of time at the computer or driving.

She is very excited to continue her sports massage education to add other modalities and techniques to her treatments and is looking forward to helping people on their healing journey.

Bookings for Sinead’s treatments can be made online here.