Sinead Boyce – Massage Therapist

Sinead Boyce - Massage Therapist
Sinead has a passion for helping people, which prompted her to pursue a career in sports therapy.
She studied sport and nutrition and has worked as a nutritional consultant for many years. She has
extensive experience with a wide range of clients, treatments, and health concerns.
Having an interest in sports injury, continuing her education and completing a qualification in
Sports massage therapy was another way in which she could continue helping people recover from
training and from injury. From there, she studied with the Dr Vodder school Ireland where she
trained and now specialises in Manual Lymphatic Drainage for post-op patients. MLD is
recommended by cosmetic surgeons to facilitate recovery post-op. Manual lymph drainage removes
swelling from the tissues, reduces fibrosis, improves scarring, improves comfort, improves sleep,
reduces pain and speeds up the healing process so your can return to normal activites sooner.
MLD is covered by most health insurance providers when performed by a registered therapist. You
may be entitled to €500 per annum (€50 x 10 sessions). It’s worth checking with your provider what
they will refund you for Manual Lymphatic Drainage with a therapist who is registered with MLD
Sinead is a member of MLD Ireland (The professional association for Manual Lymph Drainage
practitioners in Ireland) and is also a member of ANMT Ireland (Which is the representative
association for neuromuscular therapists /Sports Massage Therapist in Ireland)
She is also registered with Irish Life and Laya, all Sports Therapy treatments are re- mbursable by
Irish Life and Laya subject to the terms and conditions of your policy.
Bookings for Sinead’s treatments can be made online here.