Groin injuries can be simple to manage if treated early

Groin Injuries

Groin injuries can be simple to manage if treated early however they can become complex problems if the person continues to exercise through the pain. The term groin can account for many areas, such as adductors, abdominal, pubic bone, inguinal and even hip.

It doesn’t specify the exact location, however that is why us physiotherapists are here to help. We help to give you the correct diagnosis and guide you on the appropriate management of the problem.

Regardless of location, groin injuries can present as acute (sharp pain felt following sprinting, kicking a ball or running and changing direction) or it can be a long-standing pain. An acute pain, if managed correctly, can make excellent progress. However, complications may arise if the patient starts to exercise earlier than they should. This can lead to long standing pain.

Long-standing pain (or gradual onset pain) can also appear as a minor pain without any single inciting factor and it develops into a more painful and longer lasting pain (>4-6 weeks). Many clients present to the clinic with this type of injury after suffering with pain for as long as one year.

The treatment we provide for these injuries are thorough and looks at many factors, including range of motion, strength, coordination among muscles and joints.

Our physios at Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre have developed an extensive treatment programme that aims to address common deficits seen in this type of injury.

As well as private physiotherapy sessions, we also offer class based treatment for groin pain.

Contact us for more information if you are suffering from this type of injury and would like evidence based advice, diagnosis and a treatment plan to return to exercise pain – free.