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Physiotherapy clinic based in Letterkenny, Donegal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic serve the needs of Letterkenny, and the county of Donegal.
At Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre, we offer our clients an evidence-based, hands-on and exercise approach to injury and musculoskeletal dysfunction.

With experience treating a wide variety of injuries and conditions including sports injuries, Donegal Physiotherapy & Sports Injury Clinic provides our clients with the highest standards of clinical experience, care and professionalism. We also have a strong commitment to ongoing professional development, ensuring that you the client will benefit from the most up-to-date information and treatment.

The clinic offers physiotherapy, massage therapy and Alter G Anti-Gravity Treadmill as treatment options.  Our practitioners have masters level qualifications as well as extensive experience in both sporting and hospital settings.

Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre has been the physiotherapy provider to the Donegal Senior Football team since 2012.

Donegal Physiotherapy & Performance Centre will soon be moving to a new premises to allow room for a multi-disciplinary team of medical and fitness professionals!!

MORE to be announced soon!

About Dermot Simpson

Dermot Simpson - Donegal PhysiotherapistDermot is the team physiotherapist for the Donegal Senior Football Team and enjoyed a very successful 2012, winning the Ulster and All-Ireland titles.
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Sports Injury Clinic

Donegal Sports Injury ClinicSports injuries can be new and acute or nagging, chronic problems that just won’t go away and continually affect your performance.
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As Chartered Physiotherapists, our principal aim at Donegal physio clinic is to help you recover quickly and safely and to prevent recurrence or re-injury with lasting effect. So let’s get you on the road to recovery.

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